Our Services

Information and Advice

Wheal Ltd can provide information and advice on all aspects of IT and new technologies.  We help our clients ensure that decisions are made in the best and fullest knowledge of the technical issues and associated risks.

Project Management

Businesses know that innovation and new technology have the potential to deliver real competitive advantage, but are often rightly wary of the risks.

Experience has proved that successful outcomes are much more likely in projects which have clear specifications, experienced oversight and robust risk management.  We help manage development and innovation projects to ensure they deliver successful outcomes.

Wheal Ltd can help you identify appropriate IT (or other technology) solutions to your business problems, advise on cost/benefits and feasibility and assist with the full life-cycle of the project including

  1. Bullet    systems and software specifications

  2. Bullet    tendering and/or supplier selection

  3. Bullet    project planning and risk management

  4. Bullet    finance and contracts

  5. Bullet    implementation

  6. Bullet    acceptance testing, performance monitoring and tuning

  7. Bullet    training

  8. Bullet    post-implementation review and audits

Whether it is a new on-line system or a major corporate change project we can help specify the project, identify suppliers or partners, manage the risks of implementation, assist with the roll-out and guide the project through to completion.

No single project methodology fits all circumstances, so we work with our clients to find a style of project management that fits comfortably with both the scale and demands of the project and also the organisational culture - the way they do things best.

Training and Staff Development

Most managers recognise that by far their most valuable asset is their staff.  In many projects, even in high-technology, success or failure depends as much upon successful management of the human resources available as of the technical resources. Our training consultants can design and deliver training programmes to ensure your staff have the necessary skills to prepare them for change, to develop new solutions and to make full use of the available technology.

Proposals, Reports, Policies, Strategies and Bids

Busy managers often find it difficult to find the time to research and write large documents such as bids, proposals, policies and strategies. We are experienced in preparing this type of material and can undertake all aspects of the task from initial research through authoring to (if necessary) professional design and production. 

On-line Learning, CPD and Web

We help clients to develop an effective strategy for their on-line activities, whether for sales,

We have a particular expertise in helping professional organisations to use the web to deliver effective on-line learning, CPD and accreditation.


Our office is located in Sparkhouse Studios, a stones throw from Lincoln’s historic Brayford Pool with its swans and houseboats. 

Training courses and seminars are held in the East Midlands Media and Technology Centre on Brayford Pool.